WeShallKill .:WSK:.

Hey there if you want to join .:WSK:. please register than make an application in the Join .:WSK:. Category.

WeShallKill .:WSK:.

This is a CoD4 clan, based in China, but is available for anyone around the entire world. We are currently looking for other clans to compete against to show everyone what we are made of. Good and bad players are always welcome! Welcome to .:WSK:.!!!

    Master Chief's Application



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    Master Chief's Application

    Post by Masterchiefe7 on Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:02 am

    IGN : MasterChief

    Xfire : jason399

    Age : 13

    Country : Philippines

    Previous Clans : None

    What Time I Can Go Online : For Now It's Anytime Except Monday And Wednesday

    What Time's I'm Normally Online :
    Sundays : 1 - 9
    Tuesdays : 6 - 9
    Thursdays : 6 - 9
    Saturdays : 6 - 9

    How Did I Find .:WSK:. - Through .:WSK:.MESSI

    On A Scale Of 1 - 10 : I'm 5 - 6

    How Long I've Been Playing Cod 4 : for about almost 8 months now

    The Level I'm in is : 35

    I've Never Fought In A Clan war But I Would Like To

    Would You Fight In A Clan War For .:WSK:. - Surely Yes

    I Will Abide By The Rules

    Describe Why You Would Like To Join .:WSK:. - I Find This An Opportunity To Gain More Experience and I Can Help In Anyway In Matches and I my main characteristic is
    I always have fun


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    Re: Master Chief's Application

    Post by messi on Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:20 am

    welcome to .:WSK:. clan

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    Re: Master Chief's Application

    Post by Thunder on Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:39 pm

    Approved. Make a new application in this web-site (our new one): www.wskclan.tk

    Have fun playing'
    .:WSK:.Thunder - Clan Owner

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    Re: Master Chief's Application

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